Thank you for your interest in this project. In order to make this process as seamless as possible for the nursing homes, we are asking facilitators to commit to the following requirements:

1) You agree to have your students send their 8.5 x 11 messages to you so that the nursing home receives the mail in a few manilla envelopes rather than receiving a myriad of separate letters.

2) You agree to open all of the messages your students send to you to make sure they have appropriate content before inserting them into the manila envelopes. Inventive spelling is fine.

3) You agree to have your students send you their messages within seven to 10 days.

4) You agree to personalize and insert the Students Sending Love cover letter in each manila envelope that you send to the nursing homes.

5) You agree to send the manila envelopes with the cover letter and the required amount of student work to the nursing home within 14 days of being assigned a nursing home.

6) If you are able to meet all of these requirements, please click here to sign up.